About Smart Bro

About Smart Bro

Smart Bro is a tech lifestyle blog dedicated to helping people find the best gadgets, apps, and tech tips. Our mission is to present fun and edgy content that entertains, educates, and informs our followers.

While much of our content will be related to tech, we will also feature content related to life hacks, life tips, and personal development. We want to help people achieve maximum awesomeness! Our goal is to help readers get into a mode of constant learning, grinding, and living!

About Quentin Moore

Quentin Moore is the founder and creator of SmartBro.co. He has created dozens of websites over the past 20 years. He will leverage everything he has learned over the years to make this website a top resource for tech, personal developing, and fun.

Quentin makes a living as a database developer. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, watching movies, discussing politics, and hanging out with the wifey.

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To contact Smart Bro directly, visit theĀ contact page.